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Yard Truck Specialists was founded on a commitment to provide the highest quality products and service to its customers. Our mission is to be the yard truck equipment company of choice in the markets we serve. To achieve that mission, we have wholly embraced the LIFTS philosophy of the H&K Equipment Group, of which we are a proud member

LIFTS stands for Lead, Improve, Focus, Teamwork, and Safety. It's a mission that describes not only what we do but is also a statement about who we are and what kind of company we want to be.

Our goal is for LIFTS to be a touchstone for everyone -- employees, customers, and vendors -- who interacts with our companies. It's shorthand for everything we do that makes what we do special.


We will set the standard of excellence in service and quality for our customers, knowing that


Every day is an opportunity for us to perform better than the day before, because


Our job is to find the best solution to every issue, remembering that


Together, we can achieve true greatness and that


We always watch out for each other

To learn more about LIFTS and our corporate network, visit H&K Equipment Group.