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Yard Truck Specialists Becomes a Fontaine Coupling Solutions Dealer

BENSALEM, Pa. - Yard Truck Specialists, a Philadelphia-area terminal tractor dealer, announced today that it has partnered with Fontaine Coupling Solutions to begin offering the Armor System, the first fifth wheel designed specifically to handle the demanding workload of yard truck applications.

According to a company representative, Fontaine Coupling Solutions spent over three years studying the yard truck market and yard truck operations before designing the Armor System. During that period, they discovered that yard truck fifth wheels undergo coupling and uncoupling as frequently as hundreds of times per day, compared to an average of once per day for most over-the-road trucks. This constant wear and tear, they found, can lead to higher maintenance costs and more downtime for yard trucks while creating potential bottlenecks for yard operations.

After analyzing the data and gathering feedback from customers, Fontaine Coupling Solutions developed Armor, a fifth wheel built explicitly to meet the day-to-day challenges faced by yard trucks in service at busy, high-volume facilities.

The Armor features a locking jaw replacement from the top side, which cuts rebuild time from as much as three hours down to as little as 15 minutes and allows maintenance to be performed without removing the fifth wheel from the truck. Additionally, the Armor boasts the highest fifth wheel capacity in the industry with 80,000 pounds of vertical load and a full 200,000 pounds drawbar pull -- enough to handle virtually any yard truck application. The Armor also comes with an anti-high-hitch feature, which helps prevent dropped trailers due to false coupling.

Terry Hopkins, general manager for Yard Truck Specialists, noted that customers can order the Armor on new trucks or as an aftermarket part, adding that it can be mounted directly over existing fifth wheel brackets.

Hopkins said the chance to partner with Fontaine Coupling Solutions and to represent them through Yard Truck Specialists, a Kalmar Ottawa dealer, was an easy decision.

"Our business is yard trucks and we have a reputation for being one the best in the industry. Our customers expect us to offer products that will increase the productivity and uptime of their trucks and meet the higher standards we've set for ourselves. The Armor Fifth Wheel shares that mission. It addresses the problems that terminal tractor operators deal with on a daily basis."

Yard Truck Specialists, Hopkins said, will offer the Armor on all new yard truck purchases and as an aftermarket installation at its locations in Bensalem, York, and Pittsburgh, Pa.

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