Where have all the Yard Trucks Gone?

by | Jul 12, 2022 | Press

Anyone who has been looking for a new or even used terminal tractor knows that the pickings are slim to none at this point. While recently released data suggests that the truck shortage may be, finally, easing, studies from the Harvard Business Review won’t help you much when you need a truck now. Hope is fine, but no one running a business, including us, puts much stock in phrases like “may be.” With that in mind, and with an average lead time for new spotter truck deliveries still up to 52 weeks, what is the best option to keep your operations moving with as little downtime as possible? It’s the same answer as every time that there’s a major disruption to capital expenses or the supply chain: Repair and maintain what you have.

Before the current shortages, before even the start of the pandemic, Yard Truck Specialists abandoned the “just in time” theory of customer support and committed to always having parts on hand for all makes and models of spotter trucks, ensuring that if a customer needed a part, even an obscure one, we could ship it out the same day and get it to them. Even now, we have more than 47,000 parts on hand for most jockey trucks including Kalmar Ottawa, Capacity, Magnum, SISU, Champion, Crane Carrier, TICO, and Automann. In some cases, we have more parts in stock than the manufacturers themselves.

Times may be “unprecedented” as we all keep hearing, but they don’t have to slow you down. In most cases, we can still provide you with the best-quality current and aftermarket parts for maintaining your trucks to keep your fleet running. And if your problems extend beyond just parts, we have the most skilled service team in the nation to get you up and running, whether it’s in our shop or on your worksite.

We may all be waiting anxiously for the supply chain to return to normal, but until then, you have options.